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Week #1 - Spy Week June 3-7
TOP SECRET- Your child has been selected for a mission of top security! But first, they must complete Spy School and develop their personal spy skills to aid their mission objective. Code writing and breaking? Master of stealth? Agility and speed? Detective and mystery solving? Moving through the training program day by day, each new agent will create their own Spy-Identity and Special Skills to aid them in their ultimate missions!















Week #2 - Kid Chef June 10-14
There's a feast of knowledge and fun to be had at Sapphire Culinary School! Our new chefs will learn many-millions-of-measurements, how to read and write recipes, sample complementary flavors and oddly delightful combinations, and build their skills towards a delicious surprise! **NOTE- Kids will be interacting and sampling many foods. Please use discretion regarding your child's food allergies when registering for this special week.















week #3 - Imagination Week June 17-21

 There's more than meets the eye in Imagination Week at Sapphire! Creative minds join together to see a world that would otherwise be invisible through shared stories, scene setting, and role creating. Using not-so-random nuggets of inspiration, our team leaders set the stage for young minds to dive into all the wonder awaiting them just beyond the tip of their noses.















week #4 - Camp Grown Up June 24-28
"When I grow up I want to be..." Anything you want, kid! Space Cowboy? Deep Sea researcher? Have a turtle farm? Let's plan it out and act it out! Throughout the week of Camp Grown Up, there are no rules to what inspires our future grown-ups! Things start by designing their perfect "Grown-Up" then begin to smooth out the details and develop their mission to make it amazing! Along the way, campers learn some real-life valuable skills disguised as creative activities!















week #5 - Mini Week, Big Adventures! July 1-3* (Closed 4th and 5th)
THREE JAMMMED-PACKED DAYS! (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday only!)
Mini Week, Big Adventure is our FULLEST week of the summer for campers! There's not a second campers won't be on a full day long field trip, at the pool, or dragging out EVERY OUTDOOR ACTIVITY WE HAVE! Water slides, obstacle courses, field day games and more blast these campers right into a week to celebrate the holiday and maximize the joy every second holds. Swimsuits, Towel, and a change of clothes will be required every day!















week #6 - Pie Week July 8-12

"The value of Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter" you know what else is a circle?
PIE! Cherry Pie. Apple Pie. Chocolate Pie. We are having fun with math and munching away at delicious treats during Pie Week! Campers will play hilarious circular games, complete fun challenges, and quite possibly learn how or why we Pi!














week #7 - Patterns and Puzzles Week July 15-19

Life is full of Patterns and Puzzles. During this special week, campers will not only experience endless opportunities to discover and complete patterns and puzzles, but also to create them for each other! Some patterns and puzzles occur naturally others we design ourselves, during the week campers will learn how to recognize and tackle some of the trickiest, silliest, biggest, and smallest patterns and puzzles the world has to offer!












week #8 - Masters of Time July 22-26

Mom and Dad, are you always running late because SOMEONE doesn't understand the "value" of time? Well, look no further than Sapphires Masters of Time Week! From hilarious timed trials, trial and error-schedule building challenges, learning to read analog clocks, and more, we will dive headfirst into what the "value of time" really means and quite possibly send home a newly discovered Master of Time! We may even see if time LITERALLY flies in this wacky week of learning!















week #9 - Green Thumb Week July 29-August 2

Don't forget to pack your gardening pants! We are digging up the fun in Green Thumb Week! From the science to the practice of all thing's nature. Campers will play in the dirt, meet some natural garden critters, and spend their time slowing down to sniff the flowers.














week #10 -Mr. Monopoly August 5-9

In this special week of camp, we are creating a LIFE SIZE MONOPOLY GAME! Campers will learn the rules of buying and spending, earning and saving, then put it to the test on our gym game board! We will have mini monopoly, speed monopoly, and more along the way! 













week #11 - Camp SAPPHIRE August 12-16

Did you know SAPPHIRE is an acronym? In this final week of camp, our treasured campers will explore the very meaning behind each word and how to apply these words to life! Sportsmanship, Accountability, Perseverance, Pride with Humility, Happiness, Respect, and Effort! All while making the very most of the final days of summer with games, activities, and more!

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What are Discovery Kids Club (DKC) hours? 

Campers may arrive as early as 7:00 am and be picked up as late as 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.


Who can attend DKC?

Camp is open to children ages 5-12 (age as of date of camp).

What is the tuition for one week of DKC?

Camp tuition is $220 per week.

What Deposit is required in order to hold my spot?

A non-refundable $50/week deposit is due at the time of registration. This is deducted from the total weekly tuition. 

What other expenses can I Expect?

All field trip and pool trips are included in the tuition this year.

Campers will need to bring a sack lunch each day.

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