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Week #1 - Tiny Town Adventures June 5-9
Your little entrepreneurs will learn what it means to own a business, the concepts of corporate versus small business, and the importance of trades and crafts. These concepts with help campers gain knowledge and respect for all types of businesses and occupations. During this week, we'll build our own Sapphire city, by creating cardboard shops. This offers opportunity to practice operating their created businesses; in turn building teamwork, money management, and innovation skills.


Week #2 - wildlife encounters June 12-16
Hop from habitat to habitat exploring all the animal kingdoms. With animal themed games and activities that provide the campers with answers to the questions: Where do their favorite animals live? How they adapt to their environment? and how they survive in harsh environments? By the end of the week our building will be transformed into different biomes from around the world.


week #3 - in our element june 19-23

 During this fun, wonder-filled week, we'll explore several disciplines of science such as geology, microbiology, and genetics. Campers can explore how to use energy and motion, learn about weather and different ecosystems and see whose wooden structures can hold the most weight during our day of play in physics and engineering. Finally, a day full of explosions and experiments during our lesson in Chemistry. Don't miss out on the giant pool of OOBLECK!!


week #4 - helping hands june 26=30
The goal of this week of camp is to spread kindness and positivity. The campers will learn to be friends to the community through a plethora of activities, including making thank you cards for our fellow fire fighters and senior citizens, by being part of an event for 'Letters Against Isolation', collecting items throughout the week, packaging them, and writing inspirational messages for Give Grace, Give Hope. We'll finish off the week with a local volunteer activity.


week #5 - all about the holidays july 3-7
We'll spend the week visiting all the holidays by playing games and creating crafts that reflect the major holidays. Campers will get a little messy with our group fireworks painting, win fun prizes with Halloween bingo, learn to gift wrap, and gain knowledge on important federal holidays (i.e. Memorial Day, Veteran's Day). We'll end the week with Christmas in July, by baking cookies and decorating them, glamming up our Christmas trees and sharing gifts with friends.


week #6 - get out and play july 10-14 

This flash sports camp will leave these little athletes well-versed in various types of sports and have a good understanding of the importance of healthy eating and daily exercise. With a day of "All Ball" campers will learn the basic steps and rules of soccer, baseball, four-square, and volleyball. Through play, they'll learn the value of sports, like teamwork, confidence, physical fitness, and sportsmanship. On Friday we'll host our own mini-Olympics with DIY medals for all!

week #7 - camp bliss july 17-21

Details coming soon!

week #8 - July24-28

Details coming soon!

week #9 - July31-august 4

Details coming soon!

week #10 - august 7-11

Details coming soon!

week #11 - august 14-18

Details coming soon!

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What are Discovery Kids Club (DKC) hours? 

Campers may arrive as early as 7:00 am and be picked up as late as 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.


Who can attend DKC?

Camp is open to children ages 5-12 (age as of date of camp).

What is the tuition for one week of DKC?

Camp tuition is $220 per week.

What Deposit is required in order to hold my spot?

A non-refundable $50/week deposit is due at the time of registration. This is deducted from the total weekly tuition. 

What other expenses can I Expect?

All field trip and pool trips are included in the tuition this year.

Campers will need to bring a sack lunch each day.

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