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A brief history...

Sapphire Gymnastics Academy was founded in 2005.  We began with one location in Urbandale with 78 students and 10,000 sq ft.  Our first year was a great one!  We grew our recreational program in a blink of an eye and collected four Development Program State Championship titles.  Pretty impressive considering we opened our doors just three months before the competitive season began! In December of 2010, Sapphire Urbandale upgraded to a larger building which included 12,500 sq ft and the addition of our Discovery Kids Club Summer Camp.  In just two quick years we outgrew that gym as well, and are now in a more permanent building. June of 2013 marked the opening of our 24,000 square foot facility on Meredith Drive in Urbandale. Now, with more than 1,000 students, we have added in-ground trampolines and pit, a separate gym for our little ones, a NinjaZone program, and more than doubled our Summer Camp, XCel Program, and Development Program. 

What will the future bring?  Tune in and see!  We would like to thank the families of the Urbandale and surrounding areas for making it possible for us to do what we do.  We appreciate you all and are thankful that you have chosen Sapphire as your gymnastics home! 


Sincerest thanks,



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