Over 30,000 Sq. Ft.

Our Urbandale location itself offers 25,000 square feet of fully air conditioned space, including two separate gyms (ages 1-5 and ages 6+), two lobby areas, a pro-shop, locker room for competitive teams, and several office & classroom areas. 

Our Des Moines location offers the same great Sapphire quality in a more intimate atmosphere. Coming in at roughly 6,000 square feet, this building houses state of the art equipment, a pro-shop, restrooms, and waiting areas. 

Extensive Equipment

Since opening in 2005, Sapphire has been dedicated to offering a wide variety of

equipment and mats to train young athletes.

In our Urbandale 6+ gym alone, this equipment includes:


  • 2 full sized spring floors

  • In-ground trampolines (both regular and competitive-grade)

  • Double-mini trampoline with runway

  • 40 ft tumble trak

  • 15 ft tumble trak

  • 2 different 40 ft rod floors

  • Custom foam pit with vault, bars, beam, and floor training equipment

  • Climbing rope

  • 2 vaulting tables

  • Adjustable beams to accommodate all skill sets

  • Men's equipment including rings, parallel bars, high bar, & mushroom

  • 3 full sets of bars, several single bars, and 2 sets of quad-bars

Treasure Tumblers Gym

Our Urbandale location includes an entire gym specifically designed with our little gems in mind. This Treasure Tumbler gym includes pint-sized beams, bars, trampolines, tumble trak, and foam pit! Your little ones are sure to love the rock wall leading into the pit, as well as the slide coming out! We use a colorful array of props and mats to keep our little ones entertained and engaged. 

Spacious Lobbies

Make yourself comfortable in one of our many lobbies, complete with large viewing windows, vending machines with healthy options, cubbies, complimentary WiFi, and room for siblings to sprawl out.