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The Foundations

Spinel and Tanzanite

We offer three different levels of foundational classes. Spinel is great for students brand new to gymnastics!


Tanzanite, aka Level 2, is a good fit for students who are comfortable on all pieces of equipment, have a firm knowledge of terminology, mastery of a basic cartwheel, turning progressions, basic handstand, and understand Vaulting basics.


Topaz is the Level 3 class. Topaz is the right fit for students who have mastered key skills for flight development; hurdling, kickovers, basic Round-off, back hip circles independently, and basic handstands on beam. 

Events include: vault, bars, beam, floor, and flexibility/conditioning


The Intermediates

Topaz and Alexandrite

The Intermediate level of the school age program is Alexandrite! This is where students continue building on the skills they have mastered in the previous levels to begin adding power, flight, and connected passes. This class curriculum is more advanced and begins working on several recognizable skills, including back handsprings, front tucks, jumping to high bar, half on and half off vaults, and more! With harder, more intricate skills, comes a need for additional training. That is why Alexandrite increases to 90 minutes. 

Events include: vault, bars, beam, floor, tumble trak, and flexibility/conditioning




The Advanced

Ruby and Citrine

Ruby is our advanced level and final developmental class! The students begin to learn twisting beam dismount skills, double full turns and multiple connected back tumbling passes, walkover connections on beam, flyaway dismounts on bars and so much more!  These high-level skills require a minimum of 120 minutes/week of training.


Our newest level, Citrine, is our very first optional level recreational class! This class is for students with prior advanced level competitive experience, or those that have mastered all skills in the developmental levels. This class is taught by competitive coaches who partner with the athlete to create lesson plans for each individual students goals. 

Events include: Competitive level vault, bars, beam, floor, trampoline, tumble trak, strap bar, and flexibility/conditioning


The Beginners

Our Beginner Boys class is great for both the energetic and fearless, as well as the timid and shy. We meet every beginner where they are and work toward a disciplined and strong understanding of men's gymnastics. 

Events include: vault, floor, rings, mushroom, high bar, and parallel bars

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The Intermediates

Our Intermediate Boys class builds on the foundation laid in the beginner class. Students train higher level skills including back handsprings, flips, and much more! 

Events include: vault, floor, rings, mushroom, high bar, and parallel bars

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