Two year-olds


Students will bring a parent in with them for this class!  The focus of this class is to introduce children to a classroom atmosphere and to get them ready to be in a class without their parents once they turn three. 

Three year-olds


This class is designed for the energetic 3 year old!  The Opal class introduces little ones to a world without mom/dad beside them, and is designed to teach students basic gymnastics skills and classroom procedures. 

Four year-olds


Using an obstacle course format, the Peridot class is designed to lay a strong 

foundation of basic gymnastic skills while keeping kiddos in constant motion. Just like our other preschool classes, this class will utilize all of our equipment- bars, beam, floor, trampoline, and foam pit. 

Five year-olds


Once children turn five, they are ready for the challenge our Jade class has to offer. Utilizing our vault, bars, beam, and floor stations, we aim to equip these young ones with the confidence and knowledge to then easily transition to the school age gym. 



  • Jump on two feet

  • Separate from Mom and Dad

  • Front Support 

  • Somersault 

  • Understanding of Dominant Foot

  • See Saw Hop

  • Tummy in Handstand 

  • Baby Cartwheel 

  • Starfish Teeter Totter

  • Walk Up Pullover

  • Lunge into and out of Handstand Skills

  • Backward Roll down wedge

  • Tummy out Handstand

  • Cartwheel from Starfish Stand